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All too often business owners don’t understand the importance of a well-built website for SEO. There are many fantastic website designers out there who will build you a beautiful website that never gets seen by anyone. Why? Simply because on the surface it looks great but in Google eyes, it’s a mess! If Google does not like your site then you won’t rank in the search engines, it’s that simple.

At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we bring together the two skills of beauty and practicality. Not only will your site look great, it will perform great. We build sites with SEO in mind. Our entire focus is to produce a well-optimised site that gives both the customer and the search engines exactly what they are looking for.

Those who make the wise decision of hiring a web designer who understands SEO, end up doing less work in the long run. Those who don’t spend hours carrying out modifications and repairs. Often, they have to start from scratch and rebuild their entire site.

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How to build an SEO website

Content Management System

The CMS (content management system) that a company uses can have a big impact on how successful they are. At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we recommend using WordPress. The bottom line is that Google likes it and understands it. It is however not the only option out there. In different situations, there are other CMS that may be more appropriate. However, we feel that WordPress is a good starting point for most businesses. A mistake companies commonly make is getting pushed into using a CMS that the developer likes to work with. Very often this is not in their long-term interests. Many business owners who like to design their site often go with a CMS that is simple for them to use. However, that is not necessarily the best option for SEO. We recommend that you thoroughly research each CMS before choosing which one to go with.

URL Structure and Site Architecture

Website planning is arguably the most important part of the process. A website must have a simple but effective URL structure. The URL structure should be no more than two levels deep for targeted keywords. E.g. https://www.name/shop/brand.html. If a website has a URL structure with keywords that are four or five levels deep, it creates link juice distribution problems.

Page Layout and Formatting

Another thing to consider is the page layout and formatting. This includes factors such as font size, links, and images. The crawlability of a site is very important. When google send out its crawler (bots) it must be able to find it’s way around the site, following links, to get to all the content. If Google can easily navigate its way around your site, then that’s a big plus for SEO. You must ensure that there are no technical issues. Closely monitoring a site is critical, so you can carry out any repairs before they do any damage. Broken links and dead ends are common technical problems that cause crawlability issues.

Responsive Design

Today over 50% of searches are on mobile. When designing a website, you must use a mobile-friendly design. If it’s not then Google will simply ignore you. You want a responsive design that will work well, not just on mobile, but on all types of devices. Here’s a quick list of other prominent factors when building an effective SEO site:

Optimise Title tags – Always try and use your primary keyword in the title tag.

Target primary keywords for each page – Keep it simple and optimize for one primary keyword per page.

Optimise page URLs – Customise your URL for each page on your site. Whenever possible use the primary keyword within the URL. This helps communicate what’s on each page.

Optimise H1 – H6 tags – Although not as important as the title tag, header tags are another way to tell Google what the page is about. Using keywords with the Header tags is useful, however, it must make sense. Blatant keyword stuffing will only get you penalised.

Optimise Images – The most important image to optimize is the main image within the page. You always want this to be the same as the title tags. Although other images have less SEO importance, it is still a good opportunity to optimize your page for your keywords.

Submit your sitemap to Google – This simply speeds up the process of crawling your site. It tells Google that you exist and where your pages are.

Optimise Text – **Add a link to Content Marketing Glasgow** In order to optimise your text you want to have your keyword in the text as often as ‘naturally’ possible. If you go over this and indulge in keyword stuffing then it’s likely you’ll get penalised. Avoid duplicate content as it causes pages to get deindexed or devalued.

What affects crawlability?

The main factors affecting crawlability are site structure, internal link structure, and broken page redirects. Pages that aren’t linked from anywhere else can be difficult to access. A good internal link structure will allow the bot to quickly reach pages deep within the site’s structure. Broken page redirects are another big offender in stopping the bot dead in its tracks.

Server errors can cause you problems if they are not fixed. Broken server links may stop the bot from accessing all your pages. Having limited server capacity can cause your site to overload. In these circumstances, the site may stop responding to the bots requests.

Making sure that there are no URLs errors is important. This can often be a problem when undertaking some form of website migration.

Other issues include web server misconfiguration, using outdated technologies and setting the wrong redirects. These can all potentially cause crawlability issues.

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How SEO friendly is my website

That is a question that every business owner should be asking. There is a wealth of free sites where you can check the SEO friendliness of your site. At Morrison’s Marketing solutions we recommend using a site checker. These will give you a breakdown of any critical errors and often a report on the changes that you need to make. While it’s often advisable to have a manual check done, this will give you a rough guideline to where you currently stand and what level of work that needs doing.