A Comprehensive SEO Strategy In Glasgow

Most people don’t realise that on its own, search engine optimisation not effective, in fact, it is virtually useless.  An effective SEO strategy not only drives traffic to a website, it then converts that traffic into paying customers. A website must integrate design elements and effective content with SEO to ultimately be successful. Compelling content and a clear call to action are vitally important factors in the SEO process.

A Unique selling point, creating effective platforms and following it up with automation are all essential ingredients in the marketing process.

At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we have a comprehensive strategy that brings together an all-inclusive solution that will meet your SEO needs and aspirations.

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What are SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are a clear plan set out to improve the rankings of your site. It’s a methodical plan that must be carried out in a certain sequence. When doing SEO it’s so important not to put the cart before the horse. A good example of this is doing link building before you have carried out any major necessary repairs. You must work through the plan methodically. Doing certain SEO tasks will not make any difference if you haven’t already taken care of other more pressing matters. Here’s a summary of an effective SEO strategy.

Website Audit

This is where you do a complete review of the site. It involves reviewing Onsite SEO and metadata, load speed times, checking for duplicate content, checking the internal linking structure and much more. This is where we assess what changes are needed.

User Experience Audit

This is a continuation of the website audit and includes reviewing bounce rates, time spent on site and a review of new versus retiring visitors. This is where we look at the raw data of Google Analytics. We can analyse how people are responding to your content and what changes are necessary.

Webmaster Tools Audit

This is where we review indexed pages versus pages in the sitemap. We also review of crawl errors and broken links, check for missing title tags and look at incoming links. This is where we can really assess how Google crawls and sees your site.

Keyword and Ranking Audit

This is where we review current ranking positions as well as competitors’ current rankings. We test the feasibility of keywords and research the topics for the most effective content. Every good SEO campaign requires effective keywords.

Audit Delivery and Game Plan

Once we’ve done our complete review we then build a game plan for improving your SEO. It takes a lot of research to get here but it’s so important that we identify exactly what needs done to your site. There is no one size fits all strategy.

Onsite SEO and Content

This is where we get down to actually working on the site. We commence all major repairs, implement social media strategy, optimise existing content and assign writers for new content. Duplicate content at this stage will be removed.

Social Media and Training

This is where we take all the major social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube and integrate them. A lot of people don’t realise the importance of Social media in SEO. It’s a great way to promote fresh content and the links back to your website add to it credibly in Google eyes.

Mobile and Local SEO

Having a mobile-friendly site is absolutely crucial for SEO today. Over half of all searches are now done on mobile phones. We ensure that your site is mobile friendly. For local SEO we make sure that we claim your local citations.

Content, Monitoring & Reporting

We do a final review of the content marketing campaign, start the social media automation and a final review of webmaster tools. We’re now at the latter stages of the campaign and at this stage, we’re just making sure that everything is running smoothly and that we’re achieving ongoing growth.

Maintenance and Link Building

By this stage, we are just doing ongoing checking of the website health and link building. Link building is a slow methodical plan designed to get the right backlinks to your site. We continue to review all 9 stages at this point.

Why Ongoing SEO is Important

Ongoing SEO is important because the world does not stand still. Businesses commonly make the mistake of thinking once they’ve got to the first page or number one spot the job is done.

There’s a saying in business that if you’re standing still, then you’re going backward. You may be standing still but I can assure you that your competitors will not. The likelihood is that whoever you knocked off that spot will want to regain it. Other companies will also be vying for that spot. It is very lucrative being on the first page which inevitably creates competition.

Google is also constantly updating its algorithms and hence the criteria. If you don’t keep up with these then you’ll start to drop down the rankings. It’s so important to keep up with what’s trending. It also vital to keep up with the rules and guidelines. Changes by Google have literally destroyed businesses overnight.

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Why SEO takes time

Waiting to see SEO results can be frustrating. While some sites rise through the rankings quickly, other sites take longer. Often, it’s difficult to understand why.

The truth is that no one can definitively say how long SEO will take. One of the reasons why it takes time is because there are so many factors affecting SEO. Often, you need to carry out an audit before you even start doing any SEO work. This in itself can take up to 6 weeks. It is vital, however, as this is where you will find out what needs done. Without the audit, you are effectively shooting in the dark and drastically increase the time frame to see results.

You also need to get certain aspects taken care of before there is any point in doing other parts. Businesses sometimes want to jump straight into link building when their site may need major repairs. If the repairs and other aspects are not fixed first, then link building will not help them.

Another major factor is competition. When competition is fierce it inevitably take longer to rank. Some businesses quickly see big improvements while for others it can take years. However, provided you’re not up against unrealistic competition such as Apple or Microsoft, you can always get your business on that first page with enough time and persistence. The most important thing is not to give up.

A company budget is another determining factor. SEO is not cheap and if your business has a tight budget then, you’ll only get so much done each month. If your company can afford it, it’s better to allocate a bigger budget that will achieve results faster.

Finally, Google itself takes time to recognise your site and assign it the authority it deserves. This is especially true for brand new websites that always take longer before they see positive rankings.

Why SEO is better than PPC

While both forms of marketing have their merits there are several reasons why SEO is better than PPC. You’ll hear a lot that SEO traffic is free. That’s not true unless you can perform SEO yourself. It does, however, work out to be better value for money. That is provided your SEO specialist does the job properly.

In SEO the aim is to create content that the user is looking for. This helps really promote your business and create brand awareness that won’t happen with PPC.

Another key advantage is that many users trust the organic results more than the paid ads. There is a growing awareness that only sites with authority and good user experience will rank organically. This is not necessarily the case with PPC.

SEO Services Glasgow
SEO Services Glasgow

Where to put Keywords

There are several different places you want to put your keywords. The first place you want to put a keyword is in the title tag. This is where Google pays the most attention and where it has the most influence. Ideally, you want it at the beginning of the title.

You also want to put it in your H1 tags whenever possible. It has to sound natural and not just inserted in an attempt to boost your SEO. The same goes for H2 to H6 tags. You also want to put your keyword or phrase within the body of content. However, you cannot just load it in as often as you can. This is called keyword stuffing and is heavily penalised by the search engines.

The best advice is just too insert it in the content naturally. If the article is based around a keyword then it will fit naturally within the writing. Don’t go beyond what is natural as you’ll get a penalty. Other places you can put keywords include your page title, URL, links, file names, alt tags and meta tags.

Can SEO be guaranteed

The short answer is that SEO cannot be guaranteed.

SEO agencies often offer a guarantee but this is just effectively a scam. Be aware as these companies often indulge in SEO practices that can get you penalised. They do not control Google and they don’t control what resources other companies and competitors put into their SEO. We have no idea what Google is going to do next and what new rules they are going to apply.

What is more realistic and honest is that they can offer a comprehensive strategy that has a proven track record of success. If an SEO agency follows the best practices and carries out a well thought out plan, then the SEO strategy will succeed.

SEO Services Glasgow
SEO Services Glasgow

Can SEO be automated

SEO can and often is largely automated. While it’s not recommended to automate everything, there’s clearly huge benefits of automation.

Certain tasks can be done in a fraction of the time and some software is much more efficient at performing certain tasks. You can quickly perform keyword research, analyse backlink quality and spy on your competitors. However, it’s not possible to create new unique content using automation.

The most effective SEO experts will know when to automate and when t0 perform the task manually. They are more efficient with their time and reduce costs as a result. An SEO campaign done entirely manually will be very time consuming and costly. An SEO campaign done entirely through automation will have serious limitations and will not be effective. At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we know how to find the right balance between the two.

How do SEO and PPC work together

Although they are separate marketing strategies you can use them in conjunction with great effect. The most obvious benefit is that you get extra visibility on the first page on Google.

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