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For small businesses in Glasgow, Local SEO is crucially important. Google is placing more emphasis on local SEO and it now accounts for 46% of all searches. It’s the number 1 way that people are connecting with businesses in their local area.

Local companies that have a strong online presence always massively outperform those that don’t. At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we deploy a range of tools to make sure you have a strong presence in Google. It’s also a great opportunity for smaller companies to compete with big firms. Those who can’t compete with the big budgets of larger businesses have a fantastic chance to create a local presence. Google has progressively moved to promote local businesses wherever possible. The big national companies can no longer completely outmuscle the small local business.

When your customers search in Google, do you show up. Can you only see your competitors? With over 200 ranking factors that determine organic results placement, there’s a lot to think about! To get truly great SEO results, you need to discover what your customers really want. We consult with you to understand your industry and customers in order to improve your performance in the Local and organic search engine results. SEO is a long-term investment that needs constant monitoring and work to maintain high rankings, stay ahead of your competitors and keep up with new search engine algorithms.

SEO Company Glasgow

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is about optimising your online business in the local search results to attract more business. This may include search terms with ‘near me’ (dentists near me) or a keyword followed by the name of a city (Marketing consultant Glasgow). The results will show up in the ‘snack pack’ shown in the image below or in the organic listings.

The aim is to ensure that your business gets found by users searching in that locality. The rise of the smartphone has led to huge growth in local searches. The majority of searches done on phones are for a local listing.

Why Local SEO is important

Local SEO is incredibly important if you’re a business offering services in a specific location. It doesn’t benefit a small business to rank on a national scale. If all your business comes from within a certain geographical area, then it’s far more beneficial to focus your marketing resources in Local SEO.

Local SEO is responsive to the location of the user. That ensures people visiting will find your services when in your local area. 93% of online searches begin with a search engine. People will often call directly from the Google search results using their smartphone. The leads are often highly qualified as people have searched directly for your specific product or service.

Since the release of the Pigeon algorithm in 2014, Google has prioratised local searches. Google is highly regional. Your location will have a huge bearing on what comes up in the search results. When searching within Glasgow, local companies from that area will show up. Move forty miles outside of Glasgow and you’ll see a whole new set of results for the same search term.

How to do Local SEO

Before you do anything else you must ensure is that your site is optimized for mobile. According to some statistics, 61% of mobile users are more likely to contact a local business with a mobile site. To check this, you can use the Google mobile-friendly test tool by simply typing in your domain. Here’s a step by step guide to local SEO.

Step 1 – Google My Business Listing

Claim your Google My Business listing. 56% of local businesses in Glasgow have not even claimed their My Business listing. Regarded by many as the most important step in Local SEO in Glasgow. It easy to do. Simply go to and register your business account. Take great care when inputting the details of your business and double check everything to make sure there are no mistakes. If you want to appear in maps or local pack then setting up a Google My Business listing is essential. These sections are taking up an increasingly large share of the Google real estate.

Step 2 – Keyword research

Keyword research is equally as important for Local SEO. Using Google itself is a great way to generate keywords ideas. Simply type in your search query and you’ll see a few good suggestions. Very often the best way to keyword research is to spy on your competitors. At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we use a software called Spyfu. This will give us a complete report on all the keywords your competitors rank for.

Step 3 – On page SEO

In many ways, a lot of the typical on-page SEO tactics apply in local SEO. Factors such as using Keywords in Title tags, H1 tags and sending the URL slug to your keyword remain the same. However, there are some factors that you should specifically do for local SEO. If you’re based in one location then optimising your homepage around your location is a good place to start. You must show your NAP information (name, address and phone number) on the homepage. It must be exactly the same or as close you can to what been submitted on the Google My Business page.

Step 4 – Local Citations

Local citations are critically important for Local SEO. Citations are online mentions of your business. There are two main types of citation – Structured and Un-Structured.

Structured Citations include local and national directory listings that present your information in a visually structured manner. Unstructured Citations are mentions of your business that don’t follow a structure such as blog posts.

Citations are considered one of the most important signals in local SEO. Consistent NAP information is absolutely key to local SEO success. Inconsistent information sends the wrong signal to Google and your customers. Performing a citation audit will let you know how consistent your current citations are. When building citations, it’s important to pick high-quality directories. Like links, some directories have a higher domain authority than others. It’s also very useful to pick out directories, whenever possible, that are specific to your industry.

Step 5 – Building Backlinks

Link signals are still one of the most important factors for Local SEO. According to Moz, they are the most important local organic results and second most important for the snack pack. A great way to build backlinks is to build a free local resource that is relevant to your business. People are far more likely to link to helpful content that answers their queries. It’s beneficial to offer some form of guide relevant to what type of business you’re in. Writing on guest blogs is a great way to build credibility in the industry. You’ll have great success if you are able to position yourself as an expert.

Step 6 – Ongoing Maintenance

Once you have everything set-up, you are very much in the phase of maintenance. Making sure that you maintain the correct information on your Google My Business page and citations is vital. If there any changes to your business information then you must update in all the relevant sites. It’s also important to manage your reviews and ratings. You must consistently respond to all reviews whether they are good or bad.

What’s the Difference Between SEO and Local SEO

The obvious difference is that Local SEO is responsive to a certain location, while standard SEO ranks you on a much wider scale.
In order to rank in the local searches or “Snack Pack”, It’s important to do things a little bit differently from conventional SEO. A local search targets a very specific area. The most important factor is your My business listing. Getting it set up correctly and optimised is vitally important to appear in the local pack.

When ranking for Local SEO, Google will search the web for your citations. These can be found on sites like Yell, Yelp or Thomson local. Their primary aim is to verify the information in your Google My Business page. Google wants to know that you are a real business. It’s critically important for the information to match up exactly.

SEO Company Glasgow
SEO Company Glasgow

What is a local SEO citation?

Citations are a mention of your business on another website. This will often be in directories, websites/blogs, and social platforms. In a structured citation, the information includes your NAP details (name, address and phone number).

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is Google local business listing service. It is a free business listing on Google. A common mistake that people make is they think they only have to claim their listing and they’re done. You need to fully fill out all the information describing your business. You also need to put a lot of focus on getting good reviews. Once this has been completed, you will then start to truly reap the benefits.

SEO Company Glasgow

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