The 21 Most Asked Questions About Content Marketing In Glasgow Today

For companies today trying to market their business and improve their SEO in Glasgow and beyond, content marketing is more important than ever! Google and the other search engines have once again put content very much at the forefront. Businesses are wondering what they need to do to improve their SEO and get their firm on that elusive first page in the rankings. At Morrison’s Marketing solutions based in Glasgow, we have done extensive research into what the public is asking and looking for. This article will help those wanting to engage in their content marketing strategy and even for those who decide they need professional help. Here’s a review of the 21 most asked questions and answers.

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is not a new concept and in fact has been around for hundreds of years. The more traditional methods included brochures, flyers, and direct mail. Today the concept has been redefined. It is more often about publishing relevant material online such as blog posts, social media posts, videos and ebooks that provides information and educational material for the public. The aim is to help them fully answer any queries they might have. By publishing quality content it shows that you are an authority on a certain topic. The more authority you bring to a topic, the faster you’ll build a clearly defined audience. This should ultimately drive customers to your business.

How Content Marketing works

It works by producing material that once published on the web, will engage the customer. It will provide them with a solution to their problem completely free of charge. This, in turn, will make you very popular with the audience and they will come to you when they need to make a purchase. In real life, it’s not as simplistic as this. Not all potential clients will turn to you even after you help them. However, the more you put out there, the more likely you are going to attract a paying client base. 

How content marketing builds your business in Glasgow

It gives a business an avenue to connect with its customers and expands its audience base. It helps build credibility, improve your SEO and is also a great way to connect with people via Social Media. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, so the potential to connect with customers is simply staggering. It helps drive traffic to your site and builds long-term relationships. In the past producing content could be very expensive. Printing brochures and distributing them could be expensive and often there weren’t effective ways to measure how successful your marketing was. Today smaller firms have a greater chance to compete as it costs less and has potentially much higher returns than the traditional marketing methods.

How to write content marketing 

Before you start writing content it is imperative that you do a huge amount of research. Most businesses today when they analyse what they’re doing, they realise that their biggest problem is lack of research. You have to produce content that is better than what’s already out there. The only way to really know what’s needed is through research. There is a technique widely used today called the ‘Sky scrapper technique’. This entails reading the forty best-ranked content pieces on the topic and then putting something together that is better than the competition. While it’s incredibly effective it is also extremely time-consuming. However, it’s much more effective to aim for quality over quantity. One great article is worth more than a hundred mediocre pieces.

I’ve mentioned before that you need to produce articles that answer the consumer’s queries. The question that people continually ask is what is that the public wants to know. Now there is a simple solution. Simply go this website and type in the keyword you want to focus on. This will tell you the most asked questions about the topic and provides a great basis to plan the contents of your article. There is also another great website Buzzsumo that shows the best-ranking blogs and pieces of content that actually work.

Content is often the most neglected part of SEO, which is surprising considering its importance. We need to forget about the old rules. You lose points for continually repeating stuff. It is good to have a title with a keyword at the beginning although not necessary. You also want to have an H1 title that is relevant to the keyword and multiple subtitles are really important. You want to use a collection of theme words around the main keyword. It’s good to write an outline of an article first. Research your keywords and see what topics come up in the related searches and note their sub-headlines. Find related Wikipedia articles and note the major categories being discussed. You can also use the Google Ads tool for related ideas.

Other important factors include keeping the language simple and easy to understand. There are no bonus points for using fancy words that people don’t follow. It’s also very important to stay focused on your key idea. Don’t stray off topic at any time. It’s critical to maintain a structure throughout the article such as a ‘guide’, ‘case study’ or a Q & A format similar to this post.

Creating links to useful sources within the content is essential, especially when you are referencing that website. It’s a great way to provide additional material to the reader as well as other useful tools that compliment what you’re writing about. Links are still key for ranking in Google and without any, you simply won’t rank anywhere.

Content marketing glasgow

How content marketing helps SEO in Glasgow

It is an essential pillar of SEO. Google wants sites that most effectively answer people’s queries. If you produce content that does that, then it is much more likely that your page will reach the top of the rankings. If you don’t produce content then you are not offering anything to the customer. Without it, there is no reason for you to rank anywhere. Google can measure this effectively through its various algorithms. The days of cheating the system are over. It is much more effective to produce relevant content that people are looking for. If it doesn’t Google will find out quickly and down the rankings, you will tumble. SEO experts in Glasgow and all over the world recognise the importance of content. It is also high-quality content that gets you backlinks which today are still a very important factor in SEO.

How content marketing has changed

Content marketing has come a long way since the traditional days of flyers and brochures. The main form today is online. However, even this has changed fairly dramatically in the last few years and it’s often perceived today as the foundation for driving businesses growth. Far more companies are doing it today than ten or even five years ago. The quality and quantity of the content pieces must be stronger. It’s a myth that pieces of content should be short and sweet. Although this is by no means the only factor, It’s been continually proven that longer content pieces rank higher. Today it’s also much more important to really get specific. People want to read content that will directly answer their questions.

Why is content is king

There are lots of reasons why content is still king. My favourite is that It is a cost-efficient way to develop leads. Small business with a small budget can engage provided you have the time and energy. It is also highly effective for improving your SEO which is ineffective without good quality content. You make yourself stand out from the crowd by showing that you truly are an expert in the field, increasing your value in the process. This, in turn, builds stronger communication channels with consumers and leads to higher sales conversions.

The other side to why content remains king is the fact that traditional methods of marketing are just no longer as effective as they used to be. Advertising today too often doesn’t give you a sufficient ROI. There’s no doubt the game has changed and the balance of power has swung undoubtedly in favour of the consumers. As marketers, we have to work harder than ever to impress them. Content marketing is without a doubt one of the best ways to do that.Content Is King

Why content marketing is so important in 2019

There are so many promotional messages thrust on people today it’s no wonder that they are turning off it. Push methods of marketing are becoming less effective as people can simply go looking for the answers they need. Providing precise answers for them when they come looking (pull method) is a far more effective marketing strategy in 2019. It also has the added advantage of finding consumers who are more likely to be at the point of being ready to make a purchase.

It’s so important because it creates goodwill and shows that you are a true expert on the relevant topic. This helps build trust with prospective clients. When the information you put out there really helps people, this creates a lot of goodwill and a strong reputation. Ultimately when consumers are needing a product or service it’s you they will likely turn to.

Paid advertisements are becoming increasingly ineffective online. Consumers are progressively using opt-out software to block any advertisements. This trend is rising and today over 200 million people have opted to do this. 

What content marketing is not

Content marketing is not about advertising a product or offering a special deal on service. It’s not an ‘in your face’ or ‘hard sell’ type of strategy that was so popular in the past. It’s certainly not a way to make a quick buck and requires time and patience for success.

Why content marketing fails

The most common factor is that too many companies do not have a content marketing strategy. In Glasgow and throughout the rest of Scotland today over 90% of businesses are engaging in content marketing. However, only about half of these businesses have a strategy. You need to consistently release new material relevant to your goals and consistent with the type of services you’re offering. It needs to find that overlap between the consumer’s interest and solutions you offer. You cannot expect instant results. Too many many people give up before they even give themselves a chance of success. Slow and steady wins the race.

Another big factor is that people do not do nearly enough research. All too often they produce content that is already out there and offered nothing new to the community. You must find new and unique angles that really offer something different or put together a more comprehensive package that truly offers a complete solution to peoples problems.

A lack of effective distribution is another huge factor. If you have the finances this can be done through the media. Alternatively, a social media strategy can be devised that allows their message to find their way to consumers. A paid campaign on Facebook specifically targeting certain readers has been proven to be highly successful.

Finally, you must analyse and measure how your content is doing. In today marketing world there is no excuse for not doing this. There are several tools out there such as Google Analytics, SEM Rush and Moz that can help you with this.

Finally, you need to work your content marketing strategy into your overall SEO strategy. Writing content on its own is not effective unless you have a proper plan in place. It is just a part, albeit a very important part of the SEO plan. An overall comprehensive plan can be accessed at our SEO Glasgow page.

Why content marketing is effective

It increases sales. It has the added advantage of appealing to consumers who are at different stages on the buying scale. Although it may not bring in all readers today, it is effectively setting up future business for those who are not yet ready to buy. It also helps to retain customers in an increasingly competitive world. Customer loyalty requires much greater effort than in previous times.

Businesses today have a real opportunity to educate their audience. Sometimes customers need to understand a service before they will proceed to use it. It allows you to demonstrate the value of different products and services and make them understand why this would benefit them. This with the added advantage of not having to apply the hard sell.

It’s surprising that as yet I haven’t mentioned brand awareness. Content marketing is one of the cheapest ways to do this as building strong brand awareness was traditionally very expensive.

Why use content marketing

One of the problems with paid advertising such as PPC (pay per click) is that you only see a potential benefit when your ad is running. When you produce content it can potentially keep working long after being published. Really strong and unique content can still be effective years later. Although it requires a lot of initial work the overall ROI can be tremendous.

Over 90% of businesses are using content marketing. I can almost guarantee that your competitors will be engaging in some form of content. If you don’t engage then you run the risk of being left behind.

Why use video for content marketing

Video marketing is one of the big opportunities at present in content marketing. Youtube is now the second largest search engine after Google and some statistics show that 80% of all content consumed in 2019 will be on video. The simple fact is that consumers are often much more attracted to a video than a long article. Marketers and businesses are very much playing catch up to that demand.

It’s a proven statistic that content with video performs better. Although Google does not actually rank a site for its video content, it does clearly engage the user. This reduces the bounce rate, leads to the user staying on the page longer and improves your SEO. These are both critical factors for ranking a page on Google.

Video has also been proven to create stronger emotional connections that writing simply cannot. It gives you a greater opportunity to build trust.  This is one of the reasons why video converts more customers.

It has been proven to increase conversions and click through rate. It has undoubtedly higher retention rates and people are far more likely to watch a video to its conclusion, as opposed to reading an article right to the finish.  Finally, producing video is much easier now than it ever was. Modern technology allows people with zero experience to produce videos now with relative ease.

Is Content marketing dead

While there were reports from so-called experts that content market was dying, this has been proven to be way off the mark. It is however continually evolving and what works today will not work in the future. At present, you can see a gradual move away from traditional forms such as writing to other mediums such as videos and podcasts.

Is content marketing worth it

If you have the patience and persistence then it is absolutely worth it. It’s a long-term strategy and too often companies give up before they start reaping the benefits. The statistics show that it costs 62% less than a traditional marketing campaign and is three times more effective. This conclusively proves that content marketing done right is definitely worth it.

Is content marketing the future

In a word, yes. It is the present and the future. Although the ways in which content will be shared will change, people will always need information. It may move away from traditional articles to video, podcasts and whatever other medium comes out in the future. The fact is that content itself is here to stay for a very long time.

What are the Content marketing trends in 2019

One of the most important trends is the continual shift towards personalised content. Consumers want to read personally relevant content that truly engages them. The information has to be more specific today than ever before. It’s important to go very niche.

Another content marketing trend is Influencer marketing. It is growing and evolving. With so much choice out there, customers are relying on expert recommendations more than ever. This has evolved to the point where companies are often now approaching experts to write content on their websites.

Voice search will evolve how content sounds. How people speak and write are very different. As it becomes a more common form of search, content will need to match this.

Can you do content marketing

While embarking on a content marketing campaign can seem daunting, it can and absolutely should be done by all businesses. Some of you out there may feel confident enough to do this, while others may need to outsource help. Whether you need guidance or not, there is no excuse for anyone not to be doing it.

Where to Start

The beginning is always research. Through the tools I’ve described in this article, you need to research what your competitors are doing. You also need to research what the consumers are asking for. You must set-up an editorial calendar that you stick to and always look to improve. 

What are Content Marketing examples

There are lots of different ways to write content. Click on this link to see a wide varying range of different content pieces. 

What does a content manager in Glasgow do

A content manager can provide a varying degree of roles. For some businesses, the manager is responsible for doing all the research and writing/producing the content itself. However, he can often be responsible for the overall strategy and uses writers to produce the articles. He will be responsible for producing the editorial calendar and ensuring the goals and strategies are put in place. He then has to make sure that these are followed through. Often it is his responsibility to identify the new content opportunities and incorporating that into the overall strategy. He also needs to monitor how the content is performing.

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