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Welcome to Morrison’s Marketing Solutions

  • Are you new to SEO?

  • Do you get confused by how it all works?

  • Are you able to keep up with the continual algorithm changes by Google?

At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we offer full SEO services from start to finish. We can help those who need the full package and those who need assistance with certain parts of the process.

Increase your customer base with our proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Do you want maximum visibility for your business in Glasgow or anywhere else in the UK?

Do you want Google to funnel customers directly to your website?

At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we don’t mess around.  We employ efficient and powerful strategies that have proved effective time and again. Our tried and tested SEO techniques are guaranteed to drive you up the rankings.

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Why You should hire an SEO Company In Glasgow?

Getting your head round SEO is not straightforward. Even when you gain an understanding, the endless algorithm updates mean that what worked yesterday may no longer be effective. It’s hard to keep up. Running a full-time business while trying to study and implement SEO at the same time is a near impossible challenge, even for the most tech savvy. It is more competitive today than ever before. Only people with know how and experience get results.

At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we have been consistently helping clients rocket up the rankings and rack up new customers.

An effective SEO strategy is a must for every local business in Glasgow and throughout the UK. Skimping on SEO means raising the white flag to your competitors. You leave them to enjoy all the revenue growth while you lag behind. The internet allows you to reach a wider base of customers than ever before in the history of the planet. But most businesses make no effort to tap this vast resource. Those that do have a clear advantage. Those that don’t are crazy. SEO is no longer a maybe. It’s a must!

Building an SEO Friendly Website

Before embarking on an SEO campaign, it is essential to ensure your website is well built. Badly built sites without good code will struggle from the outset to rank in the search engines. Too many businesses in Glasgow are unaware of this and think that any site can rank well in Google.

If the site is built without any short-cuts then getting on that first page of Google becomes so much easier. At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we can get you off on the right foot and build that site that quickly climbs the search engine rankings. Combine this with our comprehensive SEO strategy and great results are in the post.


SEO Glasgow


At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions, we’re Glasgow leading marketing company in providing innovative, results-driven marketing solutions. Our large team of consultants is geared to fixing the problems in your current marketing strategy, enabling you to achieve fantastic results!

Why Us

We’ll do it all for you – Do you find SEO confusing? Well you’re not alone. It can be overwhelming. We’ll take the hassle. The results are all yours.  Morrison’s Marketing Solutions will build an effective plan and carry it out every step of the way.

Gain more customers – We have a results driven strategy that propels you up the rankings as quickly as possible. Once you get on that first page your customer base will grow exponentially.

We are fully transparent – Every month we will send you a detailed report outlining the changes we have made to your site and your progress in the rankings. The format is clear and easy to understand.

Easy communication – Each of our clients is given a personal manager that is available at all times. We are always available to talk about any queries you might have.

A proven track record – Morrison’s Marketing Solutions has put hundreds of clients on Google’s elusive first page.

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There are huge number of inquiries individuals ask us information about SEO. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by users in Google.

What does SEO Mean?2019-04-27T12:35:08+01:00

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. But what does that actually mean?

To put it simply, SEO means improving your website so it ranks higher in Google’s organic listings.

Google uses algorithms to constantly assess your website and its individual pages. It then ranks you in its listings according to a wide range of factors. The more effective the SEO work, the higher the ranking.

When did SEO start?2019-04-27T12:36:21+01:00

SEO evolved over a number of years. There is no clear-cut start date. The first website was created in 1991. But it was not until a few years later that SEO emerged amid an explosion of new sites populating the nascent world wide web. Most experts say that around 1997 SEO as we know it today began to take off. It was very different back then. Google still did not exist and the main ranking factor was directory listings. SEO has transformed radically since then and it still continues to evolve to this day.

What do SEO experts/specialists do?2019-04-27T12:37:43+01:00

What SEO experts should do and what they actually do can be two very different things.

SEO specialists are hired to analyse a website (audit) and then make necessary changes to improve the site’s ranking in the search engines. There are innumerable changes that could be made. An effective SEO expert pinpoints the changes that are necessary to improve your ranking.

This is broken down into On Page and Off Page optimisation. On Page optimisation includes conducting repairs and content creation. Off Page work includes social media training and link building. The ultimate goal is to increase the volume of traffic as well as its quality.

SEO where to start?2019-04-27T12:37:10+01:00

When initiating an SEO campaign the first question is: “Where do I begin?”

The first step is to conduct an audit and identify any issues.

But how do you do an audit? For those with little experience, there is a wealth of free SEO auditors you can use to check the health of your site. This will give you an initial idea of what’s wrong and where to start.

Then you can begin methodically working through the problems identified in the audit. If you are skilled and have experience then you can make these alterations yourself. Otherwise it is much better to hire someone to do this job. Many a site has been badly damaged by overconfident people thinking they can do it when in fact they can’t. They end up doing more harm than good to their SEO.

What are SEO backlinks?2019-04-27T12:35:16+01:00

Backlinks are links from one site to another. They are crucial for SEO because Google uses them to assess your site’s authority. When you rack up lots of backlinks from relevant sites it tells Google that you have high quality content.

A word of warning: you cannot buy lots of backlinks and expect to rank. Link buying incurs severe penalties. It used to be a popular practice but its proponents paid the price.

Why SEO is important?2019-04-27T12:36:31+01:00

SEO is crucial for a number of reasons. Organic searches are often still the main source of web traffic. Visibility in Google searches is critical to ensure a high volume of traffic.

SEO forces you to focus on improving user experience. The benefits this reaps for your business extend well beyond SEO. A quality website, customer satisfaction, repeat business… the list goes on. Other forms of marketing such as PPC (pay per click) do not deliver these added advantages.

Consumers usually conduct online research before making a purchase. If you have equipped your website with quality content that genuinely helps the user make these decisions, this will enhance your credibility and build trust. It is then more likely they will purchase from your site. Compared with other forms of marketing, SEO is still relatively cheap and the rate of return is superb. It is not a quick fix. It delivers a sustainable boost and dovetails nicely with a long-term marketing strategy.

How can SEO improve sales?2019-04-27T12:35:37+01:00

Effective SEO increases your visibility and boosts traffic to your website. More traffic means more sales. Effective SEO shows you wield real authority in your field and that you are someone worthy of doing business with. 93% of online searches begin in the search engines.

It’s not rocket science to know that if you appear at the top of those listings, sales improve dramatically for any business. 

What are SEO keywords?2019-04-27T12:34:53+01:00

SEO keywords are words or phrases that people use to find your services. You want to rank for keywords that relate to your products or services. These are the words people are most likely to type into Google if they are looking for a specific type of business. For example, a car rental company’s keywords may include ‘car rental services’ or ‘cars for hire’. Keywords are essentially the words that make it possible for people to find your business.

Are SEO Keywords important?2019-04-27T12:35:50+01:00

One of the most important tasks of an SEO specialist is to identify the keywords that are relevant to your business. Identifying the right keywords is essential. These are the search words that lead people to the goods and services you have to offer. Many are fairly obvious. However, there are always other keywords with huge potential that slip through the net. Finding these less obvious keywords can have a dramatic impact on your business.

When searching for effective keywords we examine the traffic volume and the competition level. We identify keywords that have a high traffic volume but are not overly competitive.Finally, we look for keywords that have a high level of commercial intent and will attract the type of consumer who is ripe to make a purchase or sign up to the services you are offering.

With time, effort and patience you can rank for almost any keyword.

Are SEO companies worth the money?2019-04-27T12:35:25+01:00

That depends on who you hire. Done wrong or inadequately, SEO is a waste of money. Unfortunately, there are a lot of SEO charlatans who promise the world but deliver very little.

But if you find the right SEO agency then it is worth the money many times over. The rate of return is astonishing. Achieving a first page ranking dramatically boosts your business and brings in a scale of customers that you never dreamed possible. In today’s economy, companies depend more than ever on website traffic. Getting your SEO strategy right has never been more crucial. And its importance will only continue to grow.

Is SEO and SEM the same thing?2019-04-27T12:36:57+01:00

Assuming SEO and SEM are the same thing is a common mistake in the marketing world. SEM stands for search engine marketing. SEO is a form of SEM. However, SEM includes other forms of marketing such as PPC (google ads) and any other form of advertising that gives you visibility in the search engine page results.

What are SEO Meta Tags?2019-04-27T12:34:18+01:00

SEO Meta tags provide information to search engines. They’re important for SEO as they give details about the site and if optimized properly, highlight the most important elements of your content.

For SEO purposes Title tags are the most important. This is the first thing that Google bots reads and they give the clearest indication of what the content is about.

Meta descriptions are the snippets of information directly below the title tags. Although they do not have a direct SEO impact, they are critically important for user experience. Google wants to get the user to the right page. Clear information in the meta description is crucial.

Other important meta tags include alt text and header tags (H1 – H6). Alt text is used for image optimisation. It’s important that the alt text in the main image is the same as the title tags. The other images should be named appropriately and relevant to the content of the page. Header tags should include the keywords whenever they can be inserted naturally.

What SEO tool is best for marketing?2019-05-10T07:52:50+01:00

There are are innumerable SEO tools and the list is growing all the time.

At Morrison’s Marketing Solutions we do not focus on one specific tool. We work with a whole range of tools to build a comprehensive and powerful SEO strategy.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are great places to start. Both are free.

Analytics helps you to analyse incoming traffic and identify which marketing tactics are working best.

Google Search Console alerts you to any errors on your site. It also provides stats such as click-through rate and keyword rankings.

Another free site is Ubersuggest. This helps you to identify keywords, their monthly search volume and the scale of competition. This is a great tool to pinpoint which keywords are worth pursuing.

Spyfu is also a useful tool. It is similar to Ubersuggest but also allows you to spy on your competitors and see which keywords they rank for.

Our personal favourite is Answer The Public. It is a fairly new tool that makes content research so easy. If you are stuck for content ideas then this tool really helps.

Type in the keyword you want to rank for and it tells you what people are searching for. It gives you the questions people are asking. These are the questions your content should be answering. Writing effective SEO content is no longer a stab in the dark. This tool helps you target your content with laser-like precision.

Majestic is a fantastic tool for scoping out the competition. It allows you to analyse your own site or those of your competitors. It provides data on factors such as backlinks and domain authority. It gives you insight into the level of competition you are up against.

Are SEO tools worth it?2019-04-27T12:34:25+01:00

SEO tools are not just worth it. They are essential.

Many of these tools are free. But that begs the question: which SEO tools are worth paying for? That depends on your individual situation. If you are just looking to do some work on your personal website then most of the tools are probably not worth paying for. Using a tool such as Semrush which starts at $99 a month would not be worth it. However, if you are a marketing agency then paying for these subscriptions may prove valuable. The most important thing is not to sign up to multiple sites offering similar services. Most offer a free trial so it is best to try each one out and decide which service works best for you.